Saturday, 5 December 2009

makers of life.

during our current project on furniture design i have been thinking about how much i have enjoyed making my own piece of furniture. creating it just as i want it and not compromising it in just "doing the job" this made me think about how so many people just buy a cheap piece of furniture that will last for a few years and then buy another. why not get something made that will last for years? something thats personally theirs and will be with them for life. something that has a story behind it, that can be passed down thought generations, letting the story continue. we live in a world where furniture has become just another thing we buy, use and throw away. this hasnt always been the case in the past, so at what point did this change? and will it change back? I saw an eposide of grand designs last night that showed a couple who had designed and made their house from scratch themselves. it was a timber house in which every detail was designed to suit their lifestyle. I think this is something we need to take into consideration more when designing for ourselves and for others. will it be something they can take with them forever, something that can continue to live on through generations bringing its story with it?

"Normally things get compromised by the demands of budget, schedule and lack of attention. Bill, however, is solid. Bill's a man of wood. He has pursued quality here without compromise and without flinching. The benefit of this is that if you are prepared to place your faith in good architecture and see it through to the very last detail, then it will reward you more than you can ever imagine." kevin mccould - grand designs. explains his view of the timber and glass house by bill bradley and his wife sarah.

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