Saturday, 9 January 2010

whats ur colour?

social networking - another word for facebook. but i have just been reminded at its powers. over the past few days i have noticed more and more girls changing their status' to a colour. this puzzled me for a while, but with more and more posts being black, white, nude, pink etc i thought it must be to do with the colour of their pants. i then just noticed a guys status saying " going to throw this one out there: don't really care what colour bra you're wearing..." which made me realise its actually about bras! i then noticed a lot of replies/comments to this status which eventually made me realise what its all about. it was even more interesting as the whole idea is to do with breast cancer awareness. the discussion that followed summed everything up quite wonderfully...

"'s all to do with drawing breast cancer awareness- so for that reason maybe consider being a bit more tolerant, even if you don't agree with the manner in which it is being made aware."

"I fail to see how it's going to boost awareness of breast cancer nor raise money for research or anything though, especially when it isn't being explained. Surely we're better off promoting awareness for cervical cancer though, as it's more likely to kill you."

"i think the idea is it draws in curiosity and people partake- thats what online social networking is best served for! The fact it's not obvious is the reason more people to partake! This then does reach wider audiences and who knows how many people considered what colour bra they were wearing and then had a second thought if they'd checked their ... See Morebreasts for lumps. It's not always about raising money...and thats a great point about cervical cancer maybe the unsaid question should be how was your smear test for you?! doubt that will provoke a response......and in turn raise awareness! maybe one less person will die."

"the fact you guys are arguing about it has raised my awareness... i had no idea what all the colours were about - and now i do, and to be quite honest - a lot of conversation has went on under the colours and i believe that it has fully served it's purpose. no it might not be raising money directly at the moment but over the next week when people ... See Moreare collecting - the people who have participated in this may feel more generous. you just don't know. as for the cervical cancer being more likely to kill you - true enough as it is, but the point is to raise awareness of breast cancer!"

so there you im pink.

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