Thursday, 13 January 2011

goodbye 2010 hello 2011

another year over, another one of those times where you reflect on the past and look to the future, make new resolutions, set out new ideas and plans. i sat down a couple of days after new years to make a resolution - only a few minutes later, i came up with 29! just little things I want to change this know what they say, its the little things that make a big difference. I know im not the kind of person that will set a big task and stick to it - who does?! so I reckoned it was best to have lots of little things. keeping up to date on my blog was one of those - so here goes!

new year. new ideas.
on new years day I was out for a walk with my family around a little village I have grown up with on the north coast of ireland. I was walking through a pretty nice part of the village, with lots of nice houses, some really old, some empty, some obvious holiday homes, some that are in the process of being built. It started a conversation with my dad about all the houses, talking about each one as we went along, about the different features we liked about them etc which rather swiftly moved on to a life chat about want I was planning on doing with my life! yikes! quite the biggie for new years day. but it was good. chat is good. thinking it out loud was good.

I'm pretty sure I want to do something about sustainability...about changing peoples ideas of sustainability....get rid of that "sustainability??what??" attitude and making them realise its really not all that confusing and that people make it out to be so much more than what it actually needs to be to make a difference. little things. big difference. its how I roll....

so what now? I suppose I need to keep thinking/investigating/enquiring into this idea. what have others done? what people think now and how this can be changed? its a pretty big field out there but i want to start to learn more about sustainability in interiors, in renovation and how we can change little things within the design of housing/small buildings to make them more sustainable/self sufficient etc. With the current recession and economic climate people aren't building as much, aren't spending as much and are cutting back big time, wanting to know how they can save money in any way possible. how can this be helped and changed through making people away of the need to change?

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