Wednesday, 25 November 2009


"The building itself should stir emotion in even the most casual visitor."

"The building was always intended to be confusing and somewhat threatening."

What is experience? and how does this have an impact on our personalities and emotions?

Interior spaces have a massive effect on ourselves as viewers and experiencers. I am currently thinking about the idea of how a space can impact our emotions and therefore our personality. This can be a momentary change or one that will impact us for life. A building that i have looked into in the Jewish Musuem by Daniel Libeskind. This has been created in a simple form, but one with a huge impact through the making of this building. It has been designed to cause the viewer to experience something of the history of Berlin. The use of light is incredably powerful and will leave the viewer with many memories. This is something that i am interested in, and intend to investigate further in my research. How a space or environment can impact our personalities and emotions for a moment or for life.

Libeskind has been called the “master of empty space”

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