Wednesday, 11 November 2009

whats in your top drawer?

For our new designinmaking project we have to design and make a piece of furniture. This is a group project with others in our year. Our group has decided to base our idea on how we use our furniture to express our personalities. Take a bookshelf for example - what do we display on this? just books? or a variety of "special" objects that mean something to us? My bookcase for example has photos, jewelry, a bottle of champagne from my 18th Birthday, my CD player and then some books. Another question is are the books we use the bookshelf for ones that we read? or ones that we want people to think we read? Do we use this to try and give off an impression? itellectual books or classy cheesy novels?! whats on yours?
This then lead us to think about what we hide using our furniture? Everyone has a drawer that little bits and bobs go into - its usually a very messy drawer with very random objects - but we also know excatly where to find it when we are looking for it - whatever "it" might be? batteries, wires, camera cables, fuses, menus, pens...?? i could go on forever!
so what id like to know is what is in your top drawer?
how do you use your furniture to express yourself and your personality?

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