Tuesday, 28 September 2010

dundee is going up in the world

tomorrow the opening of the proposals for the v&a dundee is happening tomorrow.
today images of the 6 different buildings was released. As interior design students we all got a little bit excited at this, sharing the links with each other over facebook and discussing which of our buildings was our favourites etc. I had heard that steven holl had designed one of the buildings and so was waiting in anticipation to see his idea. i have to admit, it wasnt my favourite. not at all actually. probably my least favourite if im very honest. ok that sounds a bit harsh. but i just found it very interesting how they have chose 6 very different designs and ideas. im very excited to see which one is actually picked and very happy that it is up to the public to decide. it is for us after all!


Steven Holl�s angular structure
steven holl's design for the v&a museum

glass palace by REX of New York
REX's design - possibly my favourite at the minute

I'm really looking forward to having a look at the plans, designs and models tomorrow - im sure there will be a blog about it too. My mind might change completely....

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