Tuesday, 28 September 2010

hello/goodbye september

September is a new beginning for many. people see January as a new start - for me personally Ithink im a september person. back to uni. back to the studio. back to the gym. back to work. back to rowing. back to a my tea addiciton. back to "life."

and... back to my blog.
its been a while.

well i tell a little bit of a lie. i have become very much addicted to blogging over the summer as I set up a new blog this summer - a travel blog. yup, many of you know, I jetted off to Canada this summer and kept many people amused with my goings on and adventures while i was away. I didn't really realise the power of my blog until I stepped off my plane in Glasgow with my friend Ross and was greeted by his granda who instantly said "oh I was reading your blog last night" this shocked me. a lot. it made me wonder who on earth has actually been reading my blog all summer and how many people probably know a lot more about me now than they did before. but there ya go, thats the power of social networking for you!! this was made even more obvious when I started to meet up with friends at uni who asked how my summer was, with a look on the faces that explained that they didn't really need an answer as they had been reading all about it/ new all about it anyway so didn't really need to be told. or when I speak to my friends about different things that happened while i was away, they ask questions about bits of the story I hadnt even told them!
I think this has given me even more motivation to get my design blog up and running more this year. I really want to get into the routine of keeping it up to date with things ive spotted and liked and found inspiring etc! so that is another of my missions for september (as it nears the end) , ive already got back to the gym, im starting back to work tonight and im suffering the blisters from being back to rowing for a few weeks. so heres to the blog.

p.s. my website is also on its way!

preparing myself for world wide web domination at this rate! il be stepping off the plane and have a complete randomer tell them they have been reading my blog next!

blog number 1.


the rucksack house.

would you let your granny live in this?
watch this space....

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