Thursday, 28 October 2010

GIDE project

GIDE project.

We are entering into a group project and competition along with 7 partner schools in Belgium, Germany, Italy, Slovenia, Switzerland, Scotland and England. For this project we have been asked to design an exhibition based on one of four topics:

interiors & products & interaction




We have been investigating the idea of exhibiton, installation and set design – looking into the differences between these, how the react with the public, impact the viewers, the age groups impacted.

We had to chose one of the four topics in which our group has chosen to look into Domestechtopias – something we weren’t very familiar with but have been letting the creative juices flow and they haven’t really stopped flowing. This idea of having a domestic utopia, perfection – what is this? The domestic home – where is home? How do we define a home? How do we make home a home? How or why or where do we feel at home? Is this a home or is it another place or space? These are just some of the questions we have been asking ourselves and others.

Many mind maps have been drawn in this process – some are shown below:

the beginning of the mind mapping....

mind mapping two different ideas...

the process helped to make us realise that the topic we had more inspiration and excitement for was...

At the minute we are looking into other exhibitions and installations for inspiration. One of my favourite so far is The Falling Garden shown below. I love this idea of the perfect, tranquil and in my opinion, euphoric space that one can interact with. The garden being a place of somebodies ideal space to spend time in.

the falling garden - gerda steiner & jorg lenzlinger

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