Wednesday, 27 October 2010

RSA project

This semester we have been given the brief for a design competition for the RSA. We are entering the Student Design Awards in which the purpose is;

“The RSA Student Design Awards scheme challenges professional designers-in-training to apply their skills to difficult social issues.

Since its birth as an industrial bursaries scheme in the 1920s, these awards have closely mirrored the evolution of professional design from single-discipline craftsmanship and narrowly-defined design for industry to more diffuse forms of service innovation and socially-inclusive professional practice.”

Our brief is “Modern age - How can the design of living spaces make growing old seem more attractive and inviting?”

After looking into the brief and investigating elderly living spaces I have decided to redesign the idea of a granny flat. These housing ideas seem to have disappeared or become less common over the past years and so I would like to reinvent them, make them more popular and appealing to both the family and the elderly person. The idea of being able to live close by the family, but remain independent is something I feel is very important to an elderly person. I have redesigned them to be something that the person can personalise to suit their wants and needs. The idea will start with a their needs or basic living space with the required eating, living, washing and sleeping spaces with the option to add on extra components for their wants for example a garden space, a sewing room, a baking room, a games room or extra bedrooms to have friends/grandchildren to stay.

The project is still in development stages but this is where I am so far:

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