Tuesday, 26 October 2010

v&a exhibition

I eventually got to the V&A exhibition last week. I decided to get a group of friends together from a few other courses as I was interested to hear their opinions and views on the different designs especially as they dont study any design related subjects but medicine and psychology. I reckon that because the V&A is being designed for the public it is very important that people other than designers are interested in it and have their vote.

I really loved getting to see all the different designs. I had viewed the images on the website but was interested in seeing full plans, presentations and models etc. I was curious as to whether my choice would change after seeing the full presentations. I found myself being very critical in the different presentations and chatting with the other girls about the designs made me realise how we each didn't really have massively different ideas on what was the most important part was - we all thought the external look was one of the most important aspects as we were all going to have to look at it. Secondly we all thought that the space that the public could interact with, hang out in/on and spend time with people in/at was an important aspect. Some of the architects obviously noticed this in their research for the project as they had external and internal seating spaces, restaurants and coffee shops.

I also realised that the designs had a lot more public and exhibition space that what I had thought. I suppose maybe i wasnt fully aware of what they purpose of the V&A was exactly for, but each architect has also interpreted this differently; some having theatres, restaurants, exhibitions, others focusing a lot more of the public space idea.

Needless to say, I still voted for the original image and design that I had chosen before seeing the whole exhibiton. The external image they created for the presentation really sold the idea and the full presentation only sold it even more in my opinion - 4 out of the 5 other girls also agreed!
I found this really interesting and wondering if my excitement for it made them change their ideas in anyway or if it was their own personal choice. I am excited to see if the rest of the public thought the same as me - from chatting to others who have went to view the exhibition a lot of others thought the same as me. I am excited to see the results!

and heres who I voted for -

rex design for the v&a dundee

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