Monday, 19 October 2009


Ive just been having a little browse on Johanna Basford's website and blog after hearing about her work in a lecture. She is one of the new and few and upcoming artists and designers who are using their iniative to get themselves "out there". Her work is amazingly beautifully, but what catches my attention most is her ideas and ways of making herself big and known. She is using twitter and blogging in a creative and imaginative way. We are being encouraged to do this as new and growing designers, but looking at others and how they have done this, such as Johanna, has filled me with admiration. Seeing how she got herself comissioned by CR through blogging and her latest printing design completed by the public throught twitter and the world of tweeting has filled me with excitement of what the potential is out there in cyberspace!!
Its taking a while to get used to blogging my thoughts and ideas, but im slowly getting used to it and seeing how others do this has made me want to improve my blogging and tweeting skills! Social networking is the way forward - how many hours do we spend/waste on facebook?! we all know its far too many. If we can use facebook to network with our freinds on a daily basis then why cant we do the same with other designers, companies, people of inspiration and knowledge. So yea, i just decided to blog about my thoughts on blogging in the hope that it will improve my blogging skills. That is the purpose of space - so watch it! The thoughts are coming...
(its only right to give the lady herself some credit!)

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