Friday, 2 October 2009

think big?

Today our design studies lecture was from Mike Press, the Dean of Design in DOJ. Titled THINK BIG. This caused many thoughts to start triggering in my brain, so often i feel that many of us just enjoy living life in a bubble, floating along and enjoying the world. As design students, this may involve the odd little perk or shift and then we float along some more. But the world isnt really like that, we need to shift ourselves. To get somewhere in life and achieve something i think that its so important for us to get out there and do something about it. I suppose, think big! It easy to get into the mind set of someone else is doing it, or it has already been done. But this is just ourselves trying to take the easy route.
Personally i feel we need to be constantly looking at how we can improve ourselves, push ourselves and aim higher. Maybe this is just my nature, but i feel its important in the current way of the world. Recently ive been thinking about where or what i want to do with my interior design course after uni, this sometimes feels like its a long time away, other days i know that it will be in no time at all. Origionally coming from an architectural background i think that i have quite a wide perspective of what can be done with interiors, from small scale architecture to furniture making - but i know that the list is endless. This is something im hoping to look into, probably blog about. Things that im interested in and skills that i would like to develop while at uni. Its the time to do it after all!
Mike ended the lecture using the sigmoid curve - we should be constantly looking to strive for the best, to reach that peak and to THINK BIG.
rant over.

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