Monday, 5 October 2009

running the race

So yesterday i completed my first 10k race - its something I've been wanting to do for a while and I'm very glad i did. During the race and since finishing it, I've been thinking about how there are aspects that reminded me of parts of The Tipping Point book that we have been reading for Design Studies. For example, when running in a group everyone is trying to get past the next person, the person in front - some may say this is like a form of epidemic. Everyone is trying to do this and so it keeps continuing, nearly like dominoes collapsing - only instead this is causing everyone to move further and faster instead of falling over! Its a continuous process until the race is finished.
The second I finished the race, my first thought was 'marathon next!!' and also that i want to do another 10k, only faster. When speaking to a fellow runner in my class about this - her reaction was "you addicted now Karen, that's what happens." Which is very true, we are always wanting to aim higher, do better and keep moving forward. Again another form of phenomenon, epidemic - one you pop you just cant stop!!

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  1. go girl, rock on marathon 2010!! cant say ill be thinking about the tipping point as i do it though!