Tuesday, 13 October 2009

build an igloo

Yesterday a few ied students attended a video conference on environmental sustainability:
As we are all aware the worlds resources are increasingly running out. This is obviously a problem to designers in this era. We are going to making new creations, which are going to have to be more and more sustainable - designing for the present without compromising the future. As a student I sometimes feel inadequate in how i could possibly change the world as one single person. But if we all have this attitude nothing will change and the worlds resources will run out. do we care? thats the question. or how can we impact the world? or the people we design for? its a difficult situation. More and more products and materials are being made that are sustainable making it a bit easier - is this enough? what about the lorrys and aeroplanes that have to transport these specialist materials across the world? what about the factories producing these? what about the child labour thats involved in making these? so many questions.
I think that this issue is something that designers need to start taking seriously, but also realise the extremes that it can be taken to. If everyone has a small input surely there can be some form of impact?
it was suggested that we should all just build an igloo. perfect insulation. it melts. turns back into ice. another one is made. zero impact.


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