Thursday, 29 October 2009

context v ied

After our brainstorming session on how The Power of Context and IED relate a poster/new mind map developed. When i was reading the Tipping Point I found The Power of Context chapter one in which i kept finding myself relating to IED - interiors and the environment.
Our context.
Our surroundings.
During the brainstorming session and afterwards my brain kept going, thinking through this deeper.
Our personalities.
Our thoughts.
Our feelings.
These are all impacted.
Our experiences.
Our emotions.
Our culture.

When we enter a building or musuem or even a room, we can often leave a completely different person. We have also just finished a project on Exhibition Design - another area of interiors that people often dont consider to be part of Interiors, but one that can have a massive effect on a person.
As there are so many different aspects that can be broken down even further iIdecided to create a simple mindmap showing these ideas. This is something I will continue to develop as more and more thoughts trigger.

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