Wednesday, 24 February 2010


I have decided to add another photo of used alcohol bottles to try and get my new group of people to get the idea of Elaine's story "The girl found it hard to get up the next morning after having a party at an old abbey in town were she had quite a lot to drink during the fireworks display."

It was a lovely sunny day so the girl decided to go for a walk with her boyfriend around the cathedral ruins. The walk really tired the girl out and she was very sleep when she got home. After a quick nap, the girl decided that she wanted to go on a night out with her friends. They all drank a lot of alcohol and partied into the night. The next morning, the girl woke up to find pictures of fireworks on her camera, she had no idea how they got there.

Lynsey, psychology student, 20

(Here, lynsey is very close to the story I hoped would be told, though it is a lot more descriptive. I think this may be something to do with Lynsey being a Psychology student and so is used to writing a lot of essays and expressing, explaining and describing something that it viewed. As she is a student it is also something that is happening around her; the idea of going out and getting drunk and then feeling hung over.)

the morning after the night before: the church was empty and the people were awakening to the mess that was left behind, the only indication of what the night had brought.....

clo, law student, 19

(Again, this story is similar to Elaines with the idea of having a messy night before, indicating that drunkenness occurred.)

the girl is in bed with a hangover after a new year celebrationary rave at an old ruined abbey

Gordon, architecture student, 23

(I found the shortness of this interesting as it is written by a male. It very simply links each of the pictures without going into any detail, apart from the description of the rave, in which there are no pictures indicating that the party was a rave.)

The spark had gone. It was over. When he had first spoke those longed for words of marriage she thought that life was finally improve. He wanted to commit, surely that mean commiting to changing too. He hadn't always been violent, he hadn't always been this way - that's what she told herself; he could change back, she could change him back. Within weeks of them moving into their new, perfect marrital home he came home drunk again. He shouted and hit out, she cried, he promised it would never happen again. A week later after a works dinner; he shouted and hit out, she cried, he promised it would never happen again. Yet, a third, fourth, fifth.....

What does all that matter now, she had got out - true, it had taken a few weeks in hospital to recover from that final straw - but what does it matter? Safe. Free. That's what matters.

Rachel, medical student, 18

(This is the most descriptive of all the stories. I found this really interesting as I know rachel quite well and know that shes a very chatty person, this is therefore obviously reflected when she writes stories aswell. She takes a different take on the story with the idea of domestic abuse happening, this is similiar to a few of the previous stories when there were only 3 pictures.)

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