Tuesday, 9 February 2010

reduce reuse recycle

This morning we met with our client for our new project. This is a real life client based renovation of a house in Dundee on seafield road. Our client is a bookmaker and restorer. The brief is to redevelop and renovate the house so that it is sustainable and environmentally friendly. We have to create a living space, sleeping space etc. as well as a working studio space specifically designed for her bookmaking and restoration occupation. This requires a clean and dirty space, lots of space to work and move around. Special consideration also need to be taken in regards to the light and heat conditions as book restoration is a very specific in this case.
Over the next few weeks research and site visits will be the main point of interest. Getting to know the conditions of the site at different times of the day is very important, especially when this space is going to be used for both living and working, both of which happen at different times of day. Looking into the large amount of environmental and ecofreindly materials available at the minute will play a very important part in my design, as well as seeing how other designers and architects have used these in housing.

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