Sunday, 7 February 2010

watching you...

During our seminar, we were discussing our thoughts about the photo experiment. This brought a few more thoughts to my mind. We were discussing how the photos gave others a view of out lifestyle, but I felt that this may not have been a totally true representation as I know that I chose photos that I wanted people to see, or ones that I thought would give someone an insight into my life. What would have happened if Charles had been able to see a much larger selection of photos, or the ones that I wouldn’t want him to see? Would that then be the true representation of my personality and lifestyle? We were also discussing how photos may not always show a true picture as we so often pose for photos, put on a smiley face and seem happy when that might not have been how we were actually feeling.
This then lead me to think about video footage that I have seen of me both from when I was young but also recently. Over the past 6 or 7 years there has always been a video taken on Christmas day and holidays. Watching these back always makes me cringe. This is due to me actually seeing my mannerisms and actions on camera, what I’m saying and what I sound like. These are all factors that photos cannot always show. This is shown even more when I have been unaware that the camera has been “watching” me. This year at Christmas my Dad brought out old cine films from when my mum and him where young and going out, our christenings etc. As soon as I saw these I realised how alike my mum and I actually are. I have always been aware of this visually, as in we both look very like each other and have done in the past. But seeing how she acted on video camera is so similar to how I did as well.
I thought this is an interesting point that could be used to take the investigation of a personality further. Even if we know a person reasonably well it may be interesting to see how they act when I video camera is put in front of their face!

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