Wednesday, 24 February 2010


The ideas in Roland Barthes essay gave me a much greater understand of what to look for in the next part of the assignment we have been given. When choosing the random images I tried not to be bias and made sure they were a fully random selection for the initial 3 images. Whilst choosing these I noticed myself starting to think up of a story as soon as I put two images together. When I clicked the next photo randomly it completed my story.

The next part of this assignment was to give the three images to several different people and see what story they came up with.

Jonathan, 20, IED Student

After a late night at the fireworks she had a long lie in before going on an adventure to the church remains that were close by.

Charlotte, 20, IED Student

Katy decided to have a nap after her day of sight seeing, especially as she had had a big night out at the fire display.

Jack, 24, Law Graduate

Suzan, who was a Romanian gypsie couldn't sleep as her father and lots of family members were having a party with lots of fireworks outside. They were camping at the abbey and so she could see the flashes and hear the noise very close by.

Sarah, 20, English Student

We were on holiday and everyday and night was busy. I rested all day before getting dressed up for the huge fireworks display at an old church in town that night.

John, 23, Waiter

A girl was upset as her wedding had hoped was going to happen at the abbey didn't happen as there was fireworks between her and her fiancé.

Elaine, 52, Manager

The girl found it hard to get up the next morning after having a party at an old abbey in town were she had quite a lot to drink during the fireworks display.

Rachel 27, Physiotherapist

The girl just wanted to stay in bed after a long weekend away with her boyfriend. They went exploring the local area, they visited an old church. Whilst they were here they found out there was actually going to be fireworks there that night so they stayed to watch them.

I think that at this point most people seem to start the story with the image of the girl being the main subject. It is interesting how some give her a name making it personal while others just refer to her as "the girl." The expression on her face is very important as it is sad and emotional looking, everyone seems to pick up on this although some describe her as being hungover or ill while others decide that she is sad. The image of the fireworks and the old castle are often linked in that the fireworks were let off at the castle. The castle is also described as somewhere that's not a familiar place to the girl as they all describe her going to visit this place.

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