Tuesday, 23 February 2010

assignment 2.a

Barthes uses this essay to look further into the idea of an image and what it portrays. It is interesting to look at an image and see what the visual language is that is given off. Each person can view an image and it will give them a different story or tell them something different. Some images are more obvious as to what the underlying meaning is, these often contain text or a clear message. When looking at an image, Barthes describes as there being three different types of messages that can se seen.

  1. Linguistic Message
  2. Coded Iconic Message
  3. Non-coded Iconic Message

The Lingusitc Message is described as the main image. If there are a series of images that make up a story, or the main feature of an image, this is the one that when taken away the message or story that is being portrayed will be lost. Within the series of images a chain can be seen that links all together, this is known as the connector. There is always the main image that relates to all the others, and therefore making a story.

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